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Want to earn up to £150 for a mornings work, Choose your own hours, travel your own distance. love working with families with small children and providing a service that brings joy to all around you?

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Frequently asked questions

Is Funky Feet Music a franchise?

NO Funky Feet Music is not a franchise. Funky Feet Music are offering enthusiastic, business focused, fun loving people an opportunity to licence Funky Feet Music for use in their own business.
Over the last 11 years, Funky Feet Music has developed their music which has been tried and tested in a variety of settings. With 1000’s of families with children from the age of birth to 7 years we have perfected the melodies, language and pace to produce a fun, learning environment where children really can ‘Learn Through Play’.
There are NO expensive start up costs or franchise fees to pay. Our licence model allows new comers to dip their toe into the water, with a low monthly subscription to be quickly up and running and generating an income for yourself. For those of you who are established we offer a fresh, exciting range of music and ideas to expand your business, and all the music is educational and linked to the early years framework.(EYFS) and national curriculum

Why Funky Feet Music?

Funky Feet Music are proud to have been providing music to organisation in the UK since 2004 in collaboration with Kimble’s Music and Movement. Covering over 100 locations in the midlands. Funky Feet Music is a registered trademark, and is a premium brand with a strong reputation and hundreds of customers attending classes where Funky Feet Music is played every week.

What experience do I need?

You don’t need to be a rock star but you will need a reasonable singing voice and a good sense of rhythm but most of all you must have GREAT people skills, a desire to bring out the BEST in children and a BIG welcoming smile. Experience with babies or children is an advantage but formal qualification are not necessary..
As a professional company, we are committed to child safety and insist that prior to issuing a licence you obtain a fully enhanced DBS check and have knowledge of how to safeguard children. (We can support you with this)

Do I need to play an instrument?

NO you don’t. You have the best instrument known to man..Your BODY and your VOICE. During your classes you will come to use a variety of percussive instruments such as maracas, tambourines, bells and drums, but by playing an instrument such as guitar or Ukulele it can add variety with live music in your class. Musicians can make fantastic role models to encourage children to take up an instrument however we would also add a word of caution that you need to be mindful that the class is about building confidence and developing children’s abilities rather than showing your talents.

How much can I earn?

This is really up to you… You may wish to keep things simple and run a local group 2 or 3 times a week or expand and build up a team of people who work for you.
We have provided a number of examples on which you can base your earnings potential.
Click here for examples link to licence finance model

Can I work all year round or term time only?

Again this is entirely up to you and will depend on your personal circumstances. You take holiday when it best suits you. In our experience most baby classes, toddler groups and pre-school care and activities only run during term time. Which gives you an ideal opportunity to maintain clients and attract new ones during the school holidays.

Do I need an office or need a car?

This really depends on the amount of space you have at home, paperwork can easily be managed from home with a computer and a phone and equipment stored in a cupboard.
Whether you need a car or not depends on where you are going to run your classes and if you have storage space at your venues. If you do use your own car, check you have the correct car insurance.

What area can I work in?

You can work wherever you want to in the UK, EXCEPT within a 6 mile radius of Studio 5, Moira Furnace, Moira, Swadlincote, Derbys. DE12 6AT

Can I work in schools or nurseries?

YES is the simple answer to this. Your licence agreement will not restrict the environment in which to work. You run your own business and like any business, YOU compete for your place in the market and meet the needs of YOUR customers.

How much will a Funky Feet Music Licence cost me?

Basically there is an initial join up fee of £350, followed by an ongoing monthly fee of £45 each calendar month. (for each teacher per business) We do not dictate to you how many classes you run or how many customers you have. If you have a larger business please contact us directly for prices.

Once I establish my business with Funky Feet Music how do I know the costs will remain reasonable and how long can I use it for ?

Monthly licence fees will be reviewed on an annual basis from date of joining. Funky Feet Music will guarantee that price increases will be no more than 20% each year.
Twelve months notice will be given to licence holders should Funky Feet Music ever be withdrawn.

What resources will I receive?

That depends on the package you choose for your business You will receive a teachers manual and a 90 songs/rhymes/ditties within your licence agreement, with permission to electronically store the music privately and create playlists to suit the needs of your classes. The music is suitable and interchangeable with children aged from birth to 7 years. Many of these songs are original with a mix of modern traditional tunes. Samples of which are available on our website. Click here to listen…

Can I buy more music?

There will be opportunities to add to your repertoire for example Christmas and birthday party songs, Festival and themed songs.

What do I need to do to set up my own business?

Remember this is YOUR business to run with YOUR vision. You will need to decide how it runs and if you become self employed or set up a limited company. You can seek advice from Business Link, Your Bank or check out

What training is available?

We want YOUR business to be a success…We offer a whole host of ongoing training opportunities. Initially you will be offered training on a one to one basis on how to get started, how to use the music successfully for different settings and age groups. tips and tricks of the trade and observe some of OUR classes at our studio. Please see price list for details.
Throughout the year we offer opportunities to network with other likeminded people offer continuous training on music and movement ideas as well as opportunities to learn about Physical Development, Child Development, Language and Communication, Sign Language, Safeguarding, First Aid, Dance and an update on the early years framework and national curriculum.

What songs should I choose?

This will be covered in your initial training should you wish to take us up on the offer. Once you have received your licence you will have access to a members section of our website which contains a whole host of resources including, words to the songs, instructions of different ways to use the songs, video clips, downloadable print outs, suggested lesson plans and lots more besides.

What equipment will I need?

This is up to you and how you want to manage your business. We recommend you cap your classes at 16 children and build up your equipment as you grow to keep costs down.
We provide a recommended start up kit list and where to buy from consisting of a music player, parachute, balls, scarves, puppets and instruments.

Additional income?

You may want to generate additional income by selling Funky Feet Music cds. These are for personal use only, not commercial. You will make 100% + mark up on selling Funky Feet Music cd’s for example your purchase at £5 and sell to your customers at £12

How do I join

Click here to complete the expression of interest form on our contacts page.


Mayfield House, Main Street, Snarestone
Swadlincote, DE12 7DB

Phone: 0845 643 5738